Google Street View adds island from “Skyfall”


Google added the abandoned japanese island Hashima to Street View. You might know it from being the island where the villain Raul Silva from the latest Bond-flick, “Skyfall”, lived, or in reality, the inspiration for it. The filmmakers couldn’t actually shoot there, so they built a set in the UK. Google being Google, though, managed to slip in where 007 himself couldn’t!

The place has a rather bleak history. In the beginning of 20 century Hashima was owned by the Mitsubishi Corp. and had plenty of coal mines. After WW2 the japanese turned it into a labor camp for chinese and korean prisoners. In 1959 the island was overcrowded and quality of life quickly faded. When Japan turned to liquid fuel, the island was slowly abandoned, with the last citizen leaving in 1974. Now the island is a tourist attraction.

Tour Hashima here, and watch the video describing how Google got in there.

Source: The Verge