Google ready to invest $880 million in LG Display to secure OLED panels for Pixel 2

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google got the AMOLED displays for it current Pixel smartphones for Samsung, but it seems that the next generation the Pixel 2 smartphone might get their displays for LG.

The American company it’s even ready to invest $880 million in LG Display just to secure the OLED panels it need for it next flagships and is waiting a response from LG as they are still “carefully considering” the proposal.

We don’t know what’s there to consider when somebody is giving you money to invest in you assets. Even though you might have to do as they please for a while. Not to mention that there’s not a decision Google might be totally happy with it.

As mentioned earlier, Google already had a good relation with Samsung, which provided the panels from the current models. It seems though that Google wants to change the supplier after Apple and Samsung signed a 2-year OLED panel supply contract for $9 billion.

Maybe Google thinks that they will be set aside due to this agreement, but Samsung has enough production capacity, as current reports say that Samsung Display counts for more then 70% of the world’s production of OLED panels.