Google pays big money to be the main search engine on iOS and Android devices

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google is by far the most popular online searching engine, yet the company is doing more than relying on popularity, so to be sure it spends big dollars to remain the main options for hardware companies.

Apple and Samsung are receiving the most of the money, but these are multianual deals, but Bloomberg notes that in 2017, Google paid 7.2 billion dollars to Apple and the Android devices manufacturer to ensure that its search engine is the primary search engine of their device.

Google might have problems, though, in Europe where the legislation might be changed at Google’s disadvantage, because EU official believe that paying to be first is not a fair practice. And to be honest, there aren’t many companies to have the financial resources Google has. Apple just replaced Microsoft’s Bing as the main search engine in iOS11, which is a clear indicator that Google has signed a generous check to become Apple’s favorite.