Google pays $1.1 billion for a part of HTC’s employees and access to patents portfolio

- Adrian Ungureanu

A rather strange agreement has been made between Google and HTC was announced today, as the outcome of their negotiations was an unforeseen one.

Initially it was speculated that Google would buy either the entire company or the smartphone business from HTC. Even yesterday when we found out about today’s announcement was thought that Google would settle to buy the smartphone business.

Yet, none of these scenarios happened. In the end, Google agreed to pay 1.1 billion dollars to HTC for a part of its employees which will work part of Google now and will continue developing the Pixel smartphones in the year to come, according to Google’s official announcement.

Also, the deal includes non-exclusive access to HTC’s patent portfolio and HTC will continue to make smartphones independently using their own brand. So, HTC will still be on the market.