Google leads in digital and mobile advertising once again


According to a new report for the second year Google will sell more mobile ads than all of its competitors combined. Google’s mobile advertising revenue for the year will reach $8.8 billion, and that’s after paying comissions to everyone involved. Phew! That’s 92% increase over last year.

Analysts predict that mobile advertising sales will reach about $16 billion, and the company will acquire a 56% market share. Second place with 13% (over 5.3% last year) is for Facebook, and next come online radio service Pandora (2.5%) and Twitter (1.95%).

Digital advertising is growing too. This year Google will generate about $39 billion in revenue, 19% more than 2012. The rest in the top 3 are Facebook (5% share) and Yahoo (3% share).

Conclusion? Since the consumer market has repositioned itself towards smartphones and tabl… naah, the obvious conclusion is that it’s pretty darn good to be Google right now!

Source: CNET