Google is already working on Pixel 3 series – some code-names are out

- Adrian Ungureanu

It’s never to early to start working on the next smartphone series, and that’s proved by Google who just launched the Pixel 2 series and they’ve already started working on the pixels they’ll be launching next year.

Some code-names already got out, but they’re a bit confusing. Still Google kept it’s tradition of using uncommon fish species names to name their project.

Two years ago we has Marlin and Sailfish, this year we had Walleye, Muskie and Taimen, and now we have “albacore”, “blueline”, “Crossbatch” and “Wahoo”. The most intriguing of them all is the “Wahoo”, which is an oceanic type of fish, living in the Hawai archipelago, which are appreciated they fishermen because they are very difficult to catch and, of course, for they meat. This might be the name for the flagship, as Taimen was the code-name for Pixel 2 XL.

Anyway, is still very early for any conclusions, so take this with a pinch of salt.