Google eliminates app ads and improves its transcription service


Google keeps making users stay active and interested in the browser, so this time it improves the transcription service and it eliminates the interstitial ads from Google +, replacing them with banners instead.


Regarding the transcription service, Google managed to reduce the errors up to 50%, by using a system that memorizes recurrences in users’ neural network, without needing to change their routines in Google Voice.


At the same time, a Google report showed that users tend to completely leave a mobile site after they are shown interstitial ads that want them to install an app, instead of simply showing the site they are interested in. This way, after eliminating these ads from Google+, the number of active users increased up to 17% and the number of those who leave a site decreased, enough reasons for Google to decide the total elimination of these ads.

Source: engadget