Google and LG working on separate smart-watches


The later half of 2013 is shaping up to be a total wearable computing extravaganza. After we heard of Apple’s “designed by a team of hundred” iWatch, Samsung’s “compete with Apple’s” Galaxy Watch (mock title) and Sony’s smart-watch getting a major update, the latest names to join the wrist-kult trend are Google and LG.

According to a patent filled in 2011, Google’s watch has a dual display feature and will probably make a killer combo with Google Glass. However, there is the radical issue of carrying outside an Android smartphone, a smart-watch and glasses on you – technology worth well over 1000 euro alltogether, that no one seems to mention.

This isn’t a concern for LG either. The news that they are onto their own smart-watch is hardly a surprise, looking at how closely they compete with Samsung lately. The “other” Korean maker previously tried the smart-watch concept with the GD910 – an 1.3-inch watch with phone capabilities that was introduced in 2009 and had a brief, limited run accross world markets. While the device made much less headlines than it should have – it had decent specs and looked pretty hi-tech for 2009, it has likely provided valuable experience to LG in clockmaking.