Galaxy X, Samsung foldable smartphone, might turn to be a big disappointment

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’ve been talking a lot about foldable smartphone lately, rumors, speculations, leaks, official statements and even a product release.

Samsung’s mobile business head, DJ Koh said they will launch a foldable smartphone next year, ZTE launched Axon M, a foldable with two screens with a hinge between them. We hoped that DJ Koh meant a smartphone with a pliable screen, yet the latest patent filled by Samsung kinda blows that hope.

Their patent, as you’ll see in the image bellow reveals how the interface of a foldable smartphone with two screen would work. And I start to believe that we’ll not see a bendable screen on a smartphone in 2018 either. And I’m going back to what another official from Samsung said this year, that the Korean tech giant won’t launch a smartphone with a pliable screen before 2019.

Why, do we expect to see a smartphone that has a bendable display, because only then things start to become interesting, it’s then when the technology begins to amaze us, because attaching a secondary display through a hinge it’s not something revolutionary. Not even for the smartphone market.

Hopefully, they do work on a smartphone with a pliable screen, too.