Galaxy S9 Plus may have been spotted at Geekbench – but there’s something strange

- Adrian Ungureanu

A new Samsung device was listed on Geekbench and it’s model number suggest it should be Galaxy S9 Plus, but there’s something weird about it. My guess it’s just a prototype and Samsung is cooking something.

The model SM-G965F was spotted at Geekbench, but there the RAM quantity and the processor’s frequency are strange. First of all, the RAM stands at 4GB, when the expectation are that Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus would have at least 6GB of RAM if not even more. It should be a 2018 flagship after all.

The second strange thing is the processor is its frequency, which is set at 1,5GHz. It’s pretty low. The numbers clearly reveals that it’s the new Exynos 9810 which was unveiled recently by Samsung. It’s an octa-core, the name is ARM Samsung and the motherboard is dubbed “universal9810”, more that enough clues to make us think it’s the Exynos 9810. But what’s if the low numbers.

It’s like Samsung is trying to hide something, because usually they like to boast they devices. And what are they trying to do when they keep the frequency of the processor so low? Weren’t they supposed to flex their muscles, went going in a benchmark test?

Maybe will get some answers when this model will be run through Geekbench. Maybe it’s not the Galaxy S9 Plus. Maybe it’s a Galaxy A9 or something.