Galaxy S9 and the new DeX Pad appear in press friendly images

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung will launch this year, alongside the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, a new DeX docking station that will allow smartphones to connect to a monitor, keyboard and more, turning it into a real desktop.

The new DeX Pad which will be launched this year had a completely new design and is much more advanced than is predecesor. And now we have two press friendly renders, which do seem to be official, to prove it.

It changes the way the smartphones will connect to the docking station, and as you can see in of pf the images, it’ll have two USB ports, one HMDI port and one USB Type-C connector to power it.

I’m not sure, but it seems to come with a cooling system for the phone, judging by the air gap in the middle of the device, in the area where the smartphone is supposed to be resting.

On the other image, we can see the new Galaxy S9 connected to DeX Pad. It shows how the device should look like when it’s docked. Also we can confirm that the new Galaxy S9 is not very different from the Galaxy S8, design-wise. Actually from that angle there are no obvious differences.

We can also confirm that Samsung did not give up the audio jack, which will please many of Samsung’s fans who plan to buy a new flagship this year.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be officially unveiled on Feb. 25 in Barcelona the day before the official opening of the Mobile World Congress 2018.