Galaxy S9 might get a display like the one on iPhone 8

- Adrian Ungureanu

This year Samsung proved Apple that they can come up with a superior design and they don’t need to get inspiration for their smartphone from iPhone. This year, it feel like Apple has inspired from Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series.

But next year, Samsung might borrow an idea from Apple. The major difference between Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 and and iPhone (judging from what we’ve seen so far in leaked images and renders) is that Apple went for a complete full screen display, leaving just a cutout at the top for the selfie camera, earpiece and other sensors.

Samsung’s smartphone still kept a minimal bezel at the top and bottom of their displays on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. But for the next year a recently patent from Samsung suggest that the Korean tech giant might go for a display like the one on iPhone 8.

As you can see for yourselves, in the sketches bellow, the patent reveal a cutout at the top for the earpiece and most likely the selfie camera and other the photosensitive sensors.

Not to sure that it’s a good idea for Samsung to go back an borrow ideas from Apple, but as you might already know this, it’s not necessarily for a tech company to use a patent that it registered. Most of the times, patents are registered just to avoid any future legal disputes. Any we all know the patent wars between Samsung and Apple in the past.