Galaxy S8 users complain about reddish display tint

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is facing its first complaints from some customers who just got their smartphones. Some Korean clients say the display panels of their new phones have a reddish tint. The problem may be caused by the color balance of organic light-emitting diode panels, according to industry watchers.

Some customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S8 wrote on online communities that their new phones have a reddish screen that did not improve even after correcting color display settings.

Regarding this issue Samsung said, “It is not a quality problem and it can be adjusted with the phone itself. If the color still appears to be reddish, customers can change it at the service center.”

However, some users still said they were not able to adjust the color because the display panel was already optimized.

“The reddish tint may be caused by a color balance problem after Samsung used deep red AMOLED to strengthen the red,” said an industry watcher who declined to be identified.

Unlike LCD smartphone panels using three subpixels — red, green and blue — the Galaxy S8’s OLED panel uses two subpixels — red-green and blue-green. This may pose the risk of having a color balance problem because there are two greens.

Therefore, Samsung developed deep red OLEDs to strengthen the color and the reddish tint might have resulted due to the new process.

Samsung said if the problem is not fixed, the customers can go into stores and ask for that their phones to be replaced.