The Galaxy S8 smartphones were designed with dual cameras

- Adrian Ungureanu

At the end of 2016 the first rumors about the new Galaxy S8 series said that the new flagships will get dual cameras at the back. Something happened in the mean while and the final product feature a single camera with dual-pixel technology to compensate.

The hypothesis of launching the Galaxy S8 series with dual camera has been confirmed again as leaked images of a Galaxy S8 Plus prototype shows a dual-camera set. Also we can notice the fact that the fingerprint sensor was not included next to the camera as is on the current models that will arrive in stores in a few days.

This might bring an explanation with it. Samsung design the new flagships with fingerprint sensors integrated in the display. Since Synaptics failed to deliver the technology in time, Samsung had to change its plans on the go and the result wasn’t to fortunate, as many who seen the new smartphones said that the fingerprint sensor placed right next to the camera the biggest flaw that Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have.

Still, there is a chance that this prototype to not go to waste. New rumors say that it may be used as the base platform for the next Galaxy Note 8, which is supposed to be just a bigger and improved S8 Plus.