Galaxy S8 and S8+ users complain about speaker issues

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that issues with Samsung’s new flagship keep bothering the users as more and more are complaining about having some issues with the speakers of the phone, suggesting that this time it may be a hardware problem.

Some US users are complaining that the audio is cutting out on their handsets while streaming YouTube videos, playing music, in the middle of games, and more. On Samsung’s U.S. community forum, it is theorized that this is a hardware issue involving faulty wiring. That would be a real problem, cause than Samsung would have to replace the devices.

Several Galaxy S8 owners found that tapping or pressing hard about two-inches above the speakers will turn the audio back on. Doing it again will turn the speaker off. This would indicate that a connection inside the phone is loose.

Samsung is apparently telling those with the problem that it is a software issue and is refusing to exchange affected units for new ones. Fortunately for Samsung, some users did admit that after rebooting the phone or doing a factory reset the problem got fixed, which confirms Samsung’s diagnostics.