Galaxy S4 breaking sales records


Samsung finally spoke of how their flagship has been doing at the market and the results will certainly please Sammy’s shareholders. The Galaxy S4 sold 6 million units in only two weeks, with a whopping 4 million sold only in the first four days! You know what they say – “a million Galaxy S4 a day”… oh wait, was it “an Apple a day”? 😉

The successor to Galaxy S3 – itself a smashing success, will get to fullfill all the expectations of not only repeating, but surpassing the S3’s record-setting sales. At this rate, sales could reach 10 million a month. By the time the Galaxy S5 arrives, Samsung might just make it to 100 million units sold.

Congratulations to Sammy and all, but we would really like it if the HTC One, the Xperia Z, the Optimus G Pro and other awesome competing droids could get the same exposure and marketing power behind them. Unfortunately, it’s not a question if they actually deserve it (they totally do), but simply of who has a bigger marketing budget. Ofcourse, the Galaxy S4 is an excellent smartphone too.

Source: GSMArena