Galaxy Note 8 received code-name “Baikal”

- Adrian Ungureanu

The next Galaxy Note 8 is on its way. The successor of the infamous Note 7, which had a terrible fate due to its flammable batteries, is under development and Samsung officials confirmed this fact in January.

Galaxy Note 8 was code-named “Baikal” after the Russian lake Baikal. This is the deepest lake in the world and the biggest fresh water reserve in the world as well. It holds over 20% of the world’s fresh water.

The fact that Samsung choose this name as in opposing to a “hot” term. You get the picture. After all the trouble they went through because of the flammable batteries on Note 7, the name of the deepest lake in the world is a better choice for a code-name.

Unfortunately, there aren’t to many details about the phone itself. We only know that it will feature a 4K Ultra HD screen and the new AI assistant from Samsung, Bixby, which we’ll also get to see it working on the yet to be released Galaxy S8 series.