Galaxy Note 8 might be unveiled in August, after all

- Adrian Ungureanu

After so many rumors that indicated so many possible dates for Samsung to unveil their next flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, we get another one, which might be closer to the truth.

There we’re rumors indicating the beginning of August, other indicating the end of the month and others said that Galaxy Note 8 would be unveiled in the second half of September, so you understand why is difficult to pinpoint an exact date.

According to an unnamed Samsung executive, Galaxy Note 8 might debut, on August 23, in New York, the preferred city for Samsung to unveil its flagship phablets in past few years.

According to sources, Samsung recently decided to advance the Note launch to start the phone sales from September globally. The earlier launch comes amid growing speculations that Apple’s iPhone 8 launch could be delayed due to supply constraints of some parts such as chips and displays.