Galaxy Note 8 might be unveiled at IFA Berlin, in September

- Adrian Ungureanu

In the past two years Samsung decided that IFA Berlin wasn’t the best place to launch its Galaxy Note phablets and held its separate events to unveil the Note 5 and Note 7 generations, ahead of the event that usually takes place in September.

But this year, IFA’s executive director Jens Heithecker thinks that IFA Berlin 2017 might be perfect for Samsung to launch their Galaxy Note 8, to compete with the new iPhones that will be released in September by Apple.

We wouldn’t count on that, because Samsung moved the launch of their phablet earlier so they would avoid a direct clash with the iPhones in sales and to have enough time before the launch of Apple smartphones with the hope that their products will steal as many customers as possible.

Taking in consideration last year’s failure with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung might not want to spend as much on marketing and prefer to launch the Note 8 at IFA Berlin, in September. But, in the same time, we have to take to account the fact that Samsung might go all-in for Note 8 this year, just to restore the glory of their phablets.

Still, it’s though to make a call so early as Samsung didn’t offered and clues so far.