Four reasons Apple ditched the iPhone 7s upgrade and went straight for the iPhone 8 series

- Adrian Ungureanu

Ever since the first rumors about an anniversary iPhone appeared everybody speculated that Apple will release three iPhones in 2017: iPhone 7s, 7s+ and iPhone 8/X/Pro.

Next month Apple will most likely unveil its new smartphones. But will there be three or just two? Here are four thoughts that are bugging me:

– As the story developed an incredible amount of rumors surfaced. We have renders about the phone, sketches, renders from the case makers, we have leaked images with alleged mock-ups, spy photos of the protective panels. There have been so many rumors, yet about iPhone 7s series we know almost nothing. No pics, no renders, no cases, no specs lists. Everybody assumes everything is going well with the iPhone 7s series, even though the only rumors about that mentioned the 7s series suggested that they will get some new stuff as well, like OLED panels wireless charging. All the news about Apple having problems with installing this and that into the anniversary iPhone, nobody said anything about the 7s series.

Don’t you think is weird? Yeah! Everybody wants the iPhone 8, but I doubt that if there were any leaks about iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus tipsters and leakster would’ve ignored them and that brings me to the second reason.

– Everybody is interested with iPhone 8, right?! Than why would Apple invest time and money in iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, when is pretty obvious that everybody will go for iPhone 8. They say we Apple is on a supercycle, so if people waited 3 years to buy a new iPhone, even though is going to be more expansive, the vast majority will go for the anniversary iPhone. I’m not an iPhone enthusiasts, but if I were an iPhone fan and waited three years for a new iPhone, I would dig a little deeper into the pocket and bought iPhone 8. And I strongly believe that Apple experts realize that too. If there’s something I learned in all this years about Apple, is that they have the best selling strategies. Just look how many expensive smartphones they sell in a year. Samsung can only dream of doing that.

– The most recent reason that came into my mind, that also determined me to write this article, is the fact that Samsung is currently producing OLED displays for Apple, in just two sizes: 5.8 inches and 6-inches. Some my say that there is a third party that will produce LCD for the third model. Well, from what I remember that Samsung became the exclusive display supplier for iPhone this year. They sign a 2-year contract, valued at $9 billion if you remember.

– There might be some of you that might say that there will not be any iPhone 8 and just iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Well, that’s very unlikely. First of all, the difference in design between the current iPhone 7 series models and the renders we’ve seen lately is way two big. Also, if we judge the specs that have surfaced about iPhone 8, we will noticed that there’s no resemblance between last year’s iPhone 7 and the upcoming iPhone 8, and I strongly believe that Apple won’t celebrate 10 years of glorious iPhone history with just a mere upgrade.