Fitness gadget FITsYOU, exclusively at Telekom



  • Developed exclusively for Deutsche Telekom, the fitness tracker will be offered free-of-charge at any online order on that contains a Telekom subscription
  • FITsYOU powered by Telekom monitors the hours of sleep, the number of steps and the calories consumed


Telekom Romania announces the launch of FITsYOU, the first fitness gadget in the portfolio. The fitness gadget developed exclusively for Deutsche Telekom monitors sleep hours, the number of steps, and the calorie consumptions and, in the same time, notifies the user of calls and SMS received.


During 15th – 21st of December, 2015, FITsYOU will be offered freely at any online order on that contains a voice or data Telekom subscription (new or renewal for a period of 12 or 24 months).


Available in four colors, FITsYOU acts as a pedometer by monitoring the number of steps, the distance and offers statistics about the number of calories consumed. Furthermore, it offers information about the quality of sleep based on algorithms that analyze all the information collected by sensors. Moreover, the FITsYOU application allows the distribution through social networks of personal sports results and the overall mood of the user’s.


The tracker’s design is minimalist which ensures the user’s comfort while wearing it, its weight being only of 18,6 grams.


The new fitness tracker connects to smartphones through Bluetooth and the FITsYOU application can be online downloaded from the AppStore (iOS) and PlayStore (Android). The gadget is compatible with all devices with the following operation systems: Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 7.1 or newer.


FITsYOU powered by Telekom is a useful gadget for active persons who practice sports or simply are curious to find information and statistics about their own lifestyles. In a world of tight deadlines and endless hours spent in front of computers, FITsYOU challenges us to self- evaluate and reminds us how important sports and rest are for a balanced life“, stated Alin Jantea, Manager, Hardware Management, Telekom Romania.


The gadget can be bought at 69 lei, VAT included, from Telekom and Germanos stores and online on