First place at this year’s International Championship for Dota 2 got to $6.5 million [video]


Playing non-stop whatever you enjoy is one thing, being able to gain money from this it’s already a dream that many gamers wish to come true. The International Championship for Dota 2 is maybe the best example of a video game from which you can earn loads of money, while having fun and while using your team’s strategy.


The competition is called The International and it was created by Valve in order to give the perfect place for 16 qualified teams to play Dota 2 at expert level, each of them having the opportunity to win the title and the money. The total amount for this year’s edition got to $18 million, from which the last team will get $54.000, and the first one $6.5 million, figures that are rising because they are funded via online purchases that reward the gamers.


Last year’s edition shared prizes of $11 million from which the winning team, Newbee took more than $5 million. You can watch the stream of the competition on YouTube as well.


Source: engadget