Fire at Samsung SDI factory in China – faulty disposed batteries are to blame

- Adrian Ungureanu

Samsung keeps getting into trouble because of the faulty lithium batteries. A fire broke at a factory of the SDI division, the one that produces batteries for smaller devices, including smartphone, and the cause of the fire are faulty batteries.

The factory in Tianjin, China, wasn’t affected by the fire, despite the fact that de chief of the Fire Department said they dispatched 110 firefighters and 19 firetrucks. No damages to the main activities were caused, so it can run at normal pace from now on.

The preliminary investigation said that the storage of faulty lithium batteries (probably from return Note 7 models) among other waste materials. Lithium can ignite even if it is exposed to air, so the fault is to the personnel that didn’t managed the storing of the faulty batteries in proper conditions.

Samsung SDI has other four factories besides the one in Tianjin, that produces batteries for small devices, so it wouldn’t have been a great tragedy. Still Samsung does not need any problems now, when it tries to fill the stocks of the yet to be release Galaxy S8 series.