Fender entered the world of headphones with five new proposals


Fender certainly no stranger to connoisseurs of rich sound, as the company is known for producing the highest – quality electric guitars for decades. Fender yesterday announced that enters the space of the headphones with five new models.


Soon there will be the official debut of the new proposals, with prices ranging between 99 and 499 dollars. Instead of developing their company acquired Aurisonics – high class American manufacturer that serves the serious audiophiles and professional musicians. Each of the new handsets has titanium driver, as models in high – end use “Digital Technology Hybrid”. Explanation of the technology we expect very soon and the devices come in bronze, red, blue, silver and transparent option.

Fender launches these headphones:


Fender DXA1 Pro – cost 99 dollars / features 8.5 mm titanium micro – dynamic driver /


Fender FXA2 Pro – price $ 199 / 9.25 mm using a rare dynamic drivers and mechanically tuned bass port /


Fender FXA5 Pro – price $ 299 / special interest in them causes the first project of Dale Lott, using balanced armature drivers /


Fender FXA6 Pro – price $ 399 / used HDBA or Hybrid Dynamic & Balanced Armature, with balanced tweeter that does not require a crossover and is mechanically set /


Fender FXA7 Pro – price $ 499 / used HDBA, double balanced tweeters, special 9.25 mm dynamic drivers, as well as mechanical adjustment for transfer /  

For the time we have with other parts of Fender, but certainly in the coming weeks we will learn full information about innovative technology and sound, who is going to enjoy it.

Source: www.head-fi.org & hiconsumption