Facebook won’t include bad memories in your ‘Year in Review’


Last year, Facebook’s retrospective told people what a good year had finished, chose picture from your gallery, made a slideshow out of them. The problem was that many of those pictures ware from the series of those whom you want forever to be forgotten, but never deleted. So those who didn’t erase all the bad memories from pictures, received them from Facebook as something good that once happened in their lives.


This time, in order to stop making people cry, Facebook can automatically block certain pictures, especially those with dead people or ex-lovers. Besides that, as a better precaution, you can edit all the photos that Facebook wants to show in the retrospective. It’s quite convenient to make your past better.


The good side is that all those errors that made people cry, show that Facebook really doesn’t know all about your life, that your life itself is not so important at a macro level, so sharing photos of your life online really is not so worth.

Source: engadget