EU authorities to announce on April 23 if they approve Apple’s take over Shazam

- Adrian Ungureanu

Back in December, Apple and Shazam shook hands for the iPhone manufacturer to take over the famous music recognition service.

The deal amounts to $400 million, and such a transaction can not be done without checks from authorities around the world. Especially when it comes to two companies that carry out their activities globally. In principle, for reasons of competition.

Probably things would have been simpler, but the authorities in several European countries complained that this takeover could have negative effects at a competitive level in Europe.

The first to address this issue was the Austrians, but now the authorities in France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain and Iceland joined this move.

They say that Apple could force other services such as Google Play, Spotify or Deezer out of Shazam, thus offering exclusivity for their own service, like Apple Music or iTunes.