Elio is the three-wheel and one-sit car that sets a crowdfunding record [video]


From the car-experiment series or the most-useless-and-kinda-ugly-cars series, it comes now for the three-wheels car created by Elio Motors to revolutionize the transportation. The good part is that this car brings you back to the car racing game called Revolt. And, of course, that this car managed to raise $25 millions from crowdfunding, which means that maybe it’s only us that think of this car as a funny invention and a realistic version of the childhood game named above.


With this successful crowdfunding campaign, Elio Motors sets a record, with the help of over 6000 investors in this revolutionary form of transportation. Check out the presentation video below and the video with Revolt, the game that we think of playing it again, to make some disorder in the hood.



Source: engadget