Elections with COSMOTE’s 3G network


An increase of over 100% was reported in the volume of data handled by the 3rdgeneration network of COSMOTE in remote regions of Greece on the Greek Election Day,showing that mobile broadband was one of the main media people used to keep abreast with election developments.

The data handled by the company’s 3G network increased by over 100% in regions such as Northern Ioannina, Northwestern Aetolia-Acarnania, Thesprotia, and Mountainous Trikala, while in regions such as Kastoria, Pella, Phthiotis, Arcadia, data traffic increased by as much as 50%. The use of the 3G network also recorded a considerable increase, of up to 25%, in islands, such as Amorgos, Astypalaia, Small Cyclades, Serifos, Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos.

With a population coverage of more than 98%, COSMOTE’s advanced 3G network offers fast Mobile Internet across Greece, while it is also designed to cover seasonality-induced heightened needs across different locations.

At the same time, the high network quality in the major urban centers is attested by the use of the company’s 3G network on the Election Day by a polling company which investigated the prospect of replacing traditional written polls with digital ones in the future. The aim of this pilot project was to have questionnaires filled in with the use of high tech means in order to allow the faster collection and processing of data. The pilot digital exit poll of COSMOTE was conducted in parallel with the traditional ballot box at selected voting centers in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larisa and Heraklion.

Voters who participated in the digital exit poll filled in their answers in a special application that had been pre-installed in tablets. The answers were sent automatically to the central system of the polling company through the 3G network of COSMOTE which ensured the fast and reliable wireless data transmission.

COSMOTE CTO, Giorgos Tsonis, stated in this respect: “COSMOTE builds advanced broadband infrastructure to offer its clients increasingly better coverage and fast Mobile Internet at a growing number of locations. The markedly increased data traffic through the 3G network of COSMOTE in remote regions and islands of Greece as well as the utilization of our network for the conduct of the digital exit poll in major urban centers confirm the extensive coverage, high quality as well as reliability of our network”.

“The digital exit poll highlights one of the countless ways of utilizing technology in the digital era. A sound 3G network does not only meet voice and data communication needs, but can also be applied in many other areas of daily life, providing fast and effective solutions”, noted COSMOTE’s Deputy Director for Mobile Broadband, Terminals & VAS, Dimitris Koutsonas.