Double the magic of this year’s Christmas with special offers from COSMOTE


Christmas is the time of the year when the magic fills the houses with joy and people spend more time sharing stories with their beloved ones by the phone, by sending wishes through text messages or surfing the Internet to find the perfect gift for family and friends. This year, COSMOTE Romania has a new promotional campaign and intensifies the magic by offering double benefits for postpaid and prepaid customers.


“The doubled benefits enable our customers sharing twice as many stories, especially during the holiday time, and thus fully enjoying our simplified mobile telephony experience without worrying about costs. Moreover, through the converged offer with Romtelecom, we are proving once again that we always have in mind providing them the best value for money when designing our products and services”, stated Mathias Hanel, Chief Commercial Officer Residential Segment Romania.


COSMOTE Romania’s postpaid customers have now available double benefits on top of the existing COSMOTE Free portfolio. Thus, the number of national and international Zone 1 minutes will be doubled for new customers choosing COSMOTE Free S or M subscription for a 24 months contract period. Also, customers choosing COSMOTE Free L or Free XL subscriptions will receive the double of the recommended traffic. Alongside with the double benefits, COSMOTE Free postpaid portfolio continues to offer unlimited Internet (with speed decrease after the consumption of the recommended traffic), unlimited voice communication on-net and towards Romtelecom fixed and unlimited on-net SMSes.


On top of all these, COSMOTE completes the postpaid promotional proposition by offering a 20% discount from the value of the monthly COSMOTE voice or data rate plan if the subscription is activated along with a Romtelecom TV service (Variat, Extra or Maxim) through COSMOTE, until January 15th, 2014. The 20% discount applies to both the COSMOTE voice or data rate plan and the Romtelecom TV service and is available for a 12-month period for contracts signed for 24 months.


At the same time, for prepaid customers, COSMOTE offers unlimited calls and SMSes inside the network and also double benefits for Start Unlimited (5 euro credit), Super Unlimited (6 euro credit) and Premium (9 euro credit) extra-options. The Holiday Bonus is available for customers who activate or reactivate the above extra-options. Thus, for example, following the on top benefits included in Super Unlimited extraoption, the new prepaid offer will consist of unlimited calls in COSMOTE network, unlimited national SMSes, including COSMOTE, 6,000 minutes towards Romtelecom fixed network, 350 national/international minutes towards fixed and mobile networks from European Union and 200 MB for mobile data traffic. The bonus (which will not be recurrent) has to be requested by the customer every month via SMS, free of charge, sent to 9627.


More details about the complete promotional offer are available on