Don’t get to excited when you see a bargain! You might end up with an $880 iPhone X clone with Android

- Adrian Ungureanu

It was a hard lesson for a couple in Arizona who wanted to buy an iPhone X. They’ve purchased a device hoping they would get an iPhone X. But what they got wasn’t what they expected.

Instead of getting Apple’s latest flagship, they’ve go a near-perfect iPhone X clone, running on Android. At the first glance you can’t really tell. The retail box looked legit. There was a serial number and everything on the box. The buyers even called and checked it with Apple before buying, so as not to ruin the wrapping.

After they got an affirmative from Apple on the IMEI number, money exchanged hands, as the seller had positive feedback on OfferUp, and everyone went on their merry way. When the couple went to activate the phone on Cricket, though, they unwrapped the handset, only to find that it wasn’t an iPhone X.

So, it would probably be wise to buy the products you want from an official store or partner. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending lots of money on fakes.