Discovered a bug in iOS


The bugs go hand in hand with the software, but sometimes there is – and harmful – interesting. That is a problem of what we found: A new bug in iOS makes messaging application completely unusable and not receiving any text.

Have special formatting and change the font. But once gone through this, this is what awaits you: If you’re already in your messages, the application will crash immediately, making the process useless. However, this is not the worst – case scenarios developments. If you receive a message while your screen is locked, your device spontaneously (without notice) will restart.


Unfortunately, this special text can be sent from other Android or iOS devices, so your friends (and strangers) can make bad jokes in the near future. Of course, we have at least one positive fact that the receipt of such a message is very unlikely to happen accidentally. This can be accepted by you as a good or bad news, depending on how many variations are your friends.

Interestingly, this crushing your device can be revoked and only that is needed is the person who sent you the harmful message to send you a new (regardless of content).