Discounts on subscriptions or extra national minutes – the newest commercial offer from COSMOTE Romania


A big part of the mobile telephony users already have that one “favourite” terminal, out of the hundreds models available on the Romanian market and are seeking for the perfect balance between the communication benefits and the monthly subscription fee.

Always seeking to design personalized offers for all users, COSMOTE Romania announces a new cost efficient opportunity for those interested in signing a new subscription without a handset subsidy. Therefore, those who are choosing a new tariff plan for 12 or 24 months will get to choose from two special offers that grant a monthly discount on the preferred tariff plan or additional national/ international Zone 1 minutes.

“We are constantly looking out for our customers’ behaviour and consumption needs in order to fulfil even the most exquisite tastes, and to welcome the new subscribers with the best services for the fair price. These are the main reasons for our new offer, which brings more benefits for our tariff plans”, stated Panos Makris, Chief Commercial Officer COSMOTE Romania.

The special offer for themonthly bill discount applies for the first 7 months out of the 12, for a one year contract and for the first 14 months out of 24, for a two year contract. The discount starts at 1.24 euro/month (VAT included) and can get up to 11.16 euro/month (VAT included), respectively up to 156.24 euro (VAT included) for 24 months, depending on the chosen tariff plan.

The new offer for additional minutes varies according to the contractual period (12 or 24 months) and the chosen tariff plan, and is granted for the initial period. Through this offer, customers can receive up to 175 additional minutes each month, for Smart XXL+ two years subscription.

Details on COSMOTE’s newest offers, according to each tariff plan are available here.