Digg.com resurrect the Google Reader with compassion


Google pulling the plug on Reader surprised many users and gave competing services such as NewsBlur and Feedly an iniciative to push their products harder. But it couldn’t have come at a better time for Digg.com. In a blog post, the team revealed that they planned to build an RSS app in the later half of the year, but Google Reader’s demise has pushed them to start digging at it right away, basing it on its widely-used API.

Digg aim to both retain and update G-Reader’s more popular features in their service, and are already seeking feedback from their community. Furthermore, they are doing all of this as an act of compassion. Last year Digg.com shut down, but in only six weeks the aggregator got bought out by Betaworks for $725k, retooled and brought back to life. The Digg team know how it feels, you heartless Google propellerheads!

We wish all the best to team Digg, but we’re perfectly comfortable with Slick RSS from Chrome Web Store and its analogues for other browsers.

Source: Electronista