Deutsche Telekom and Orange team up to make a new virtual assistant

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa will have a new competitor in the near future as Deutsche Telekom and Orange SA set aside their rivalry on the telecom market and teamed up to develop a new virtual assistant.

It name is Djingo and it will be able to respond to voice and text and demoed by Orange’s Chief Executive Officer Stephane Richard (photo), in the form of a donut-shaped speaker, according to Bloomberg. ”Djingo is an erudite,” Richard said. “We put all our arithmetic and artificial intelligence know-how into it.”

Users will be able to interact with the AI — using the command “OK Djingo” — by talking into the speaker, into a microphone-equipped TV remote control similar to Amazon Fire, or typing into an app on a phone.

But it seems we’re still far from the moment when Djingo will be released on the market, but we understand that it will be released via a smartphone app. No date of release was mentioned but it may not happen this year or if it’ll be released this year it might have limited functions and features.