Demand beyond expectations for Galaxy S8 Plus – Samsung changes production ratio

- Adrian Ungureanu

Pre-ordering campaigns seem at first sight that they are made for inpatient customers who want to buy a certain product before it gets in stores, but they’re not. This is a strategy that gives companies money in advance and they give the opportunity to see how people respond to you products.

Due to this Samsung decided to change the production ratio for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus towards the latter. The initial production ratio was at 60/40% for the smaller model of the two, but now Samsung pumped to production of Galaxy S8 model to 45%, thus decreasing the amount of S8 models to be produce for the following period.

And that because the data coming from the pre-orders placed by now clients all over the world shows that the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus is in a greater demand than Samsung anticipated.

Samsung already decided to go with more Galaxy S8 Plus from the beginning. Last year the production ratio of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was at 70/30%. But since the demand for the Edge models increase by the end of 2016, the production ration switched around at 30/70%.

So, with this in mind Samsung decided to give more credit for this year’s Galaxy S8 Plus. But even so, it seems that it wasn’t enough. At the beginning of February some analysts already anticipated the Galaxy S8 will be surpassed in sales by the its bigger brother.