Dell XPS 18 fuses a Windows 8 tablet and desktop


Dell are going a bit too far with the tagline “redefining the desktop” – come on, it’s still a flat pane with a set of icons, tiles or whatever on a screen that you put on top of your desk! But the XPS 18 is an interesting hybrid nonetheless – part desktop PC, part oversized Windows 8 tablet with enough battery for 5 hours of use and reasonable weight. The base model starts from $900 and you have a range of options across the entire 3rd generation Intel spectrum to power the 18.4-inch Full HD display/tablet (not an IPS panel, unfortunately). Storage-wise, you can order a SSD drive of either 256GB or 512GB, or go hybrid. The ports are 2xUSB 3.0, 1xUSB 2.0 and a 8-in-1 card reader

Now, what would redefining the desktop could truly mean? We’re thinking those holographic interfaces from Minority Report and The Hunger Games should be the true game-changer. When do we get to see those?

Source: Electronista