Couchlet is a great convenience of small size


One of the biggest problems in the world of smartphones is that you can’t always endure as long as we need. Constantly looking for somewhere a place to refuel devices. Here arises another problem – put your phone to charge, but still have work to Facebook, send emails or just before bedtime to check what is happening in the network. You have a following: attached to the wall, your smartphone can’t reach you. We already have a solution.


Introducing Couchlet – small and thin device with dual USB port which you can use between the cushions to you is – comfortable while your smartphone is charging. Another advantage here is that this new proposal has a 6 – meter USB cable is included with each charger. Another plus we find here is the folding arm that can get stuck under the bed or couch for – good stability of the device.


The price this is a great convenience small size is 16 dollars.