COSMOTE Romania continues the Earth Hour challenge through its environmental programs


COSMOTE Romania continues to challenge Romanians to get involved in environmental protection through its dedicated programs, I love recycling and Adopt a forest, on the occasion of Earth Hour which will be celebrated on March 23rd (20:30-21:30). Thus, for every old mobile phone and accessory collected for recycling in COSMOTE and Germanos locations since March 23rd until September 2013, the company will plant a tree and grow it in the COSMOTE forest.

Last year, 1,900 items were collected, from the company’s stores and employees, which led to COSMOTE planting 1,900 trees and other 5,000 on its behalf, with the support of 200 volunteers, employees, bloggers and members of partner NGOs.

“COSMOTE Romania invites all Romanians to join once more our initiative to keep a greener environment and thus help rejuvenate some of our countries forests, with a simple gesture of handing in old terminals and accessories in any COSMOTE or Germanos store. Following the results of 2012, we are confident that even more people will join this program, which begins with Earth Hour, an international initiative that we take part of this year as well”, stated Ruxandra Voda, Corporate Affairs Senior Manager, COSMOTE Romania.

Similar to last year’s program development, following the collection of old mobile phones and accessories starting March 23rd until the end of September, COSMOTE’s employees and volunteers will plant the number of trees resulted from this years’ program, this autumn. I love recycling and Adopt a forest are the two programs joined in this initiative of collecting old mobile phones and reforesting some of the country’s areas.

The challenge will be transmitted to COSMOTE’s employees and customers through a communication campaign of web-banners on the company’s site and on its intranet, through other internal communications means and through SMSes.

Adopt a forest was launched in 2009 with a pilot-project in Caciulati, with 5,000 planted trees, and continued in 2010, with 10,000 baby oak trees planted on a surface of 20,000 square metres, in East of Ploiesti. The project was implemented with the support of MaiMultVerde Association and of the Administration of Public and Private Domain Ploiesti. Last year, another 6,900 trees were planted on November 10th near Ploiesti, where around 200 people carried on the COSMOTE and Germanos customers’ involvement and interest in the collection of old mobile phones and accessories, by planting a tree for each one of the collected items in 2012.

Since 2007, Earth Hour is the world’s largest event during which hundreds of millions of people switch off the light for an hour. Earth Hour 2013 takes place on Saturday, March 23rd, at 20:30 (local time) and is a global call-to-action to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. Earth Hour 2013 is the Challenge Moment, when companies challenge customers, celebrities challenge fans, cities challenge one another and friends challenge friends to act for the environment. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future.

Earth Hour is an initiative of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).

As a responsible and active part of the society, COSMOTE Romania is involving its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in different initiatives and programs which respond to the Romanian social environment requirements. Amongst the social responsibility programs developed by COSMOTE Romania, there are: “Custom of Love – New Year’s SMS campaign”, the partnership with the Child’s Phone Association, “I love recycling” mobile telephony electronic waste collection program, “Adopt a Forest” planting program, the internal program “Green Office” for protecting the environment and others.