COSMOTE participates in research project “GERYON”


COSMOTE takes part in the research project GERYON1 aimed at developing communication infrastructures which, in emergencies, will allow rich information exchange (geographic location, photos, video, etc.), thereby facilitating quicker identification and coordination of involved parties, as well as the immediate response of rescue teams.

The “GERYON” project ( seeks to develop an innovative next generation emergency system, based on IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) technology, which will enable the communication of voice and data between the users and the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), between the PSAP and the rescue teams, as well as between the rescue teams, even if they use devices of different technologies (TETRA, 3G/HSPA, LTE – Long Term Evolution).

In the framework of the project, COSMOTE is responsible for the deployment and provision of emergency services over LTE commercial networks, as well as for the interconnection with Professional Mobile Networks (PMR), such as TETRA. Furthermore, COSMOTE will participate in the specifications’ phase and the deployment and evaluation of the demonstration system through trials with real users, as well as in the dissemination of project outcomes.

“GERYON” is yet another project for emergency cases handling in which COSMOTE contributes, following its participation in the Europe-wide “eCALL” project, for the deployment of a national pilot application of the European automatic emergency call system (eCall) in the event of a road accident. It should be noted that the company is active in R&D issues, both at a European and national level, having a track record of multiple successful projects and international partnerships within the industry and the academic community.

The “GERYON” consortium also consists of the University of the Basque Country (Spain) –coordinator-, the University of Plymouth (UK), the National Centre for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS (Greece), the companies GRUPO CYS (Spain) and VIOTECH COMMUNICATIONS (France), as well as the public telecommunications provider ITELAZPI (Spain). The project falls under the 7th EU Framework- Programme and receives 50% funding.


1GERYON (Next Generation Technology Independent Interoperability of Emergency Services).