Companies lose nearly $1 million on one targeted attack

- Adrian Ungureanu

Growing numbers of European businesses are being targeted by advanced threats, with some malware staying undiscovered within corporate infrastructure for months.
Hidden attacks are spreading in the network due to security teams often being overwhelmed when manually processing the sheer number of alerts generated by modern security solutions, while the most crucial incident indicators get lost in the noise.

Even if an alert is noticed, understanding advanced threats requires strong threat analysis skills such as reverse engineering, malware analysis and digital forensics, which not all companies are lucky enough to possess.

As a result, slow response time and a lack of visibility over endpoints are severely impacting organizations and contributing to the costs associated with recovering from a targeted attack, which can reach up to $977,000.

To address these pressing issues, companies are looking to speed up incident analysis & response through a dedicated class of security solutions called EDR. To meet the demands of enterprise customers, Kaspersky Lab has introduced Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response with enhanced incident mitigation, better visibility over endpoints, compatibility with traditional endpoint protection products and investigative capabilities for security teams and SOC (Security Operations Center).

Kaspersky EDR customers will benefit from Kaspersky Lab’s vast experience in threat intelligence, advanced protection technologies and a long history of discovering some of the world’s most high-profile APTs, all embedded into the solution’s threat hunting functionality.

Kaspersky EDR is a part of Kaspersky Lab’s holistic enterprise security portfolio, built with adaptive security strategies in mind. This security portfolio provides businesses with prevention through its next-generation endpoint security suit, detection based on the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform, and prediction and response by threat intelligence services.