Chrome OS deemed unexploitable… almost


Google-sponsored hacking competition Pwnium has ended, surprising many with Chrome OS proving itself unexploitable. Only one of the contestants has managed to make it’s security doors budge, and he will get some kind of a prize from the jury. The same could not be said for Chrome, the browser. Nils from MWR Labs pocketed $100 000 for sucessfully exploiting a security hole. VUPEN took home $60 000 for exploiting Firefox, $100 000 for having their way with IE10 and an additional $20 000 for cracking open the ever-so-insecure Java. Oh, and a certain George Hotz won $100 000 for exploiting Adobe Reader.

Hewlett-Packard offered $75000 for exploiting Safari under OS X Mountain Lion, but surprisingly, no one was up for the challenge. Manager Brian Gorenk thinks hackers have focused mainly on Chrome.