Chrome can block the force of the future ‘Star Wars’ spoilers


The day when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to be released is getting closer and closer, you know it from all the social networks, from all the internet ads, and you know you can’t stop the launch until you will be able to actually see the movie.


So, for those who won’t see the movie from the first day, Chrome has launched an extension that will block the force of the spoilers that enthusiastic fans will certainly reveal about the unexpected Star Wars scenes. This extension, called Force Block, will help you to ignore all the info that might contribute to transforming the movie experience in a second hand one.


Every time there will be a spoiler alert danger, the extension will block the opening of a page with a warning that contains a relevant Star Wars quote. You are going to be warned, but you can ignore the advice if you really want to access some page.

Source: engadget