Chinese woman caught smuggling 102 iPhones strapped on her body

- Adrian Ungureanu

A Chinese woman has been caught trying to smuggle no less than 102 iPhones and 15 luxury Tissot watches from Hong Kong to mainland China. According to the reports, she strapped them to her torso and tried hiding them with extra layers of clothing.

According to the customs officers that detained her, the weather was hot, but the woman was wearing a knitted sweater on top of her t-shirt. Also, her arms and legs looked relatively slim, but her torso was disproportionately wide. Sure enough, when customs officials made her go through the metal detector, the alarm activated.

The suspected smuggler was then searched, and customs officers found 102 Apple iPhones and 15 luxury Tissot watches strapped to her upper body. The total weight of all the smuggled goods was 40 pounds.