Chinese man tries to smuggle 66 iPhones


Contraband iPhones are quite the popular commodity in China, it seems. The trick is to get the stuff into China from autonomous Hong Kong, where electronics are apparently much cheaper than in the mainland. However, there is another lesson prospective smugglers should abide to, and it says: “Don’t be greedy.”. Yes, this man tried to cross the Hong Kong – Shenzhen border with 66 ol’ iPhones taped to his body.

iPhone 66


Imagine how he walked inside the border office, all casual, sweaty and stiff-like, as if 80% of his body was encased in duct-tape and premium materials. That wouldn’t have taken anybody’s attention, would it? The customs officers found 66 iPhones, and five minutes after they were done dealing with this guy, they caught another, who was significantly less adventorous – he carried only 16 iPhones. In just half an hour, the Chinese officers caught 222 iPhones. This is almost on par with their Foxconn production rates.

Source: Unwired View