Charge Doubler is the fastest mini USB cable for charging smartphones


Each year, our smartphones are becoming ever – stronger and more – quickly working devices. Battery life not yet developed such technology, which is a serious problem because it can at any time be out telephone and no communication and seriousness interfere with our work. While attempts are made to prevent this inconvenience, which is almost impossible, USB ChargeDoubler you back in the game at the moment.


Compatible with iPhone, Windows, and Android devices, this USB cable easily attach to key holder and can be confident that you will not leave without him. The data are protected from hackers and malware, while charging the device via USB or that you are connected to a public network, which allows you to use this accessory almost everywhere.

Designers are on track to achieve their goal in Indiegogo, the price of this convenience will be $ 12 and will be available a little – later this year.