Caught in the wild – Nokia 1 leaks in real life pictures!

- Adrian Ungureanu

We just a few days before the end of 2017 some new rumors emerged from Russia, about a very cheap, low-end smartphone prepared by HMD Global with the Nokia logo.

It was about the Nokia 1, which supposedly is developed by HMD Global to support Google’s Android Oreo Go Edition, a ultra light version of the standard OS, so it’ll run on low spec’d smartphone, with 512 MB and 1GB of RAM.

The Nokia 1 is said to feature 1GB of RAM with 8GB of internal storage and a HD IPS display. Other details of the Nokia 1 are not known yet, but it is rumored to cost 5990 Ruble which is $104/€87 and is said to arrive in March 2018.

Now we get some pictures out of China. Well, they were leaked on the Chinese social network Baidu, so we assume that they’re from China. The design is similar to other recent Nokia smartphone released by HMD Global, like the Nokia 2 and Nokia 7. There’s also a logo but that’s not something to difficult to fake.

In any case, the pictures come via an unofficial channel, from an unknown source, so we can’t guarantee that what you see in the pics is the actual Nokia 1, but since China has become a land were secrets about smartphone don’t last long, we might as well be looking at the Nokia 1 and not realizing it.