Can you believe that these people think an iPhone 4 could be an iPhone X?!

- Adrian Ungureanu

You’d think that after all the media coverage around Apple’s latest flagship that would be easy to recognize the iPhone X.

After all the rumors, the speculations, after all the renders, after all the ads and all the fuss made around the iPhone X, you’ll probably think is impossible to believe that if someone gave you a seven-year old iPhone 4 you’ll actually believe that person when you’re been told it’s an iPhone X.

The guys at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, on of the most popular TV shows in the US took an iPhone 4 to the streets. Handed the device to various people and told them is the iPhone X and asked their opinion about it.

Some of them were impressed about the small body of the phone and one girl was impressed that it had a touchscreen. 🤦

Of course there were people who did recognized that that wasn’t the iPhone X, but they were left out of the video. Just one guy at the end of the video was said that it look like an iPhone 4.

Still, it’s really hard for me to believe with all the media coverage to mistake the iPhone X, with an iPhone 4.