By next year, Apple Music could have the largest streaming music service


After being only half a year old, Apple Music service raised approximately 10 million paying subscribers, that prefer to pay $10 per month for listening to the music the platform has to offer, at least that what sources from Financial Times are saying.


If the figures are true, by next year Apple Music could become the biggest music streaming platform. How the service manage to reach this performance giving the fact that the alternatives to listen to music are better at least price related, it is not clear yet, as Apple isn’t comment on the figures. Probably it’s just the effect that all the offers received on iOS device have, invading every update you make, and the fact that it was launched in more than 100 countries in one day.


Regarding competition, if Apple Music needed only half a year to reach 10 million paying subscribers, Spotify needed six years to get to the same performance, although in the present days, it has 20 million Premium subscribers and 75 million active listeners.

Source: engadget