Bosses leave HTC amidst inner turmoils


Five people at key positions in the taiwanese handset maker HTC have left the company in the last couple of dates, reports The Verge. They are Koichi Kodera – product CEO, Jason Gordon – VP of global communications, Rebeka Rowland – global marketing CEO, John Starkweather – digital marketing CEO and Erik Lin – manager of product strategies.

While HTC’s tragic financial state is an obvious reason, it seems the motivation for these shifts is the decision of HTC head of marketing Ben Hoe to relocate the marketing employees of HTC from the USA to Taiwan. It does seem illogical and it’s understandable how this could make anyone write out their resignation letters.

Economic and job crisis or not, Lin and Rowland have already landed jobs at Microsoft, and Starkweather has went to AT&T. So it seems all is fine for the people out of work. But will HTC hang on long enough to ship another flagship? And does this really depend on the sales of HTC One?

Source: Electronista