Boeing 747 is 600 million dollars and more like a penthouse than private jet


It does not really matter how nice interior is a private plane, usually – attention is paid to the very fact that the fly. Certain styles and designs are repeated again and again until there is different. If you do not know that the Boeing 747 which is $ 600 million is a private plane, at first glance one might think that is a luxury penthouse. Exactly looks interior design unique machine.


This type of “Jumbo Jet” can fly 400 passengers, but after the intervention of Greenpoint Technologies, he is in a unique and personalized luxury beast for a single client. According to information from the Daily Mail, it took three years to complete Greenpoint machine. The upper floor is a huge place with many options for seating. The main part includes a VIP cabin, restaurant, lounge, dining room, conference room, a spacious office and a lot of space intended for staff.


  In the event that currently design your own plane – here’s how.